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Read Your Bible Christians!

By Aleksey on

Yesterday I came across a statistic that only about 5% of those who call themselves Christians have actually read the Bible from cover to cover! How can a Christian not read the work of the One he/she is supposed to love more than anything else? If you had a girlfriend/boyfriend who you haven't heard from in a while and with whom you were totally in love and got a letter in the mail from her/him what would you do? You would tear open the envelope and read and reread the letter a few times before calming down and reading it yet again, right? How can 95% of those who claim to love God not read His letter even once from beginning to end?!

Another interesting thing is that in English, there are like over 400 different translations of the Bible. Why do we need so many? The Bible is easily readable in one. The bigger question is, however: If there are so many, why aren't 95% of Christians reading any of them?

There were about 30,000 "Christian" books published last year. Yet, the number 1 truly Christian book is being ignored by most "Christians". It's like instead of opening and reading the letter from your gf/bf you go and ask all her/his friends about how she/he is doing and what she/he has been up to. Sounds silly? Yes. Put down you Billy Graham, John Hagee, Rick Warren, Thomas Williams, or whatever book you're reading, open your Bible, and start reading it. It's just the best.