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Real Life

By Aleksey on

You know, lately I've been getting more into real life and all. So far, real life is pretty cool:

I get to meet actual real people,
I'm going to be in the church play (the rehearsal was fun, btw),
I actually get to breath fresh air! Sure beats sitting here. LOL.

There is however one thing about real life that I must warn you about if you guys want to try it:

Ctrl+Z doesn't work in real life! That means we have to be a lot more careful when we do things. For example, today I was cutting branches off our plum tree (# rm -rf /backyard/plumtree/branches/longyoungones/) and one about the thickness of my thumb and 5' long fell on my head. Now it's bleeding and neither Ctrl+Z nor # fsck -a /dev/head will fix the problem!

Another interesting thing about real life is when those real actual people you meet find out you're a geek trying out real life, they'll give you computer related jobs to keep you in your box!

OK, OK, this whole blog post is mostly a joke (except the fact that I did get hit on the head by that branch, and it is bleeding), but that's pretty much what I've been up to lately (you don't want to hear about all the work I've been doing, it's boring).

God Bless. ^_~
- Alyoshka